A Whoa Moment

quick, spontaneous post here.  but i was browsing the web and came across some excellent videos that display 10 minute lectures from brilliant minds, and animate them in such a way that they capture your interest and better understand what is being said.  I’ve linked to one that I found quite interesting. (even if you don’t find this interesting, continue reading because i wasn’t just trying to share an interesting video)

but anyways, i was thinking that this is incredibly clever and would serve a great purpose in the Christian world, as well.  How awesome would it be to see something like this done for a Christian speaker?  After marveling at the thought for a few minutes, i quickly moved on because I have no art skills whatsoever, and i was overwhelmed by the amount of skill and planning it would require.  (I was also not completely sure i understood how they did everything).  Anyways, no more than 10 minutes later, I came across this ad for John Piper’s upcoming Desiring God conference.  It uses a very similar style and adds different elements to it (which in my opinion, improve AND detract from the effectiveness of the style).  awesome!  my idea had come alive in like 5 minutes.  but yeah, just thought i’d share it with you.

oh, and here’s another link to an interesting talk similar to the first post.  it’s on how money is surprisingly not very effective at motivating people, and that people are in fact motivated by different things.  very thought-provoking.