First Intern Day Fumbles

so today was my first day of my internship, and I started off on the hospital wards (meaning that I take care of patients who are currently hospitalized for one reason or another).

i started off the day bright and early, doe-eyed, scared, and anxious.  although the hospital was familiar to me, it was not familiar to me as one with responsibility.  i had grown so used to just kinda floating through the hospital, sprinkling my fairy dust of lame medical student notes that no one really reads nor cares about in order to get a pat on the head.  now, i had several random people greet me in the elevator (“how’s it going, doc?”), i have all these post-it-notes sticking out of binders asking for my signature, and if i forget something, people actually care!  scary… well, i’m getting too serious and introspective for what this post was set out to be.  so by the first 2 hours in the hospital, i already had 3 hilarious incidents happen to me.  i’ll go from most severe to least (which coincides with how they occurred chronologically).

1) I met the outgoing intern at 6:15AM in the hospital and he briefed me on the 5 patients i was taking on.  He told me specifically about one lady (we’ll call her “Mrs. White,” as i’m changing details to protect the innocent) who was a very mean and unkind patient, and warned me that she would be difficult.  I was dreading meeting her. Finally, I went to her bed in room 573 (still protecting the innocent here).  She was fast asleep and snoring loudly.  Great, i thought, now I have to wake her up and make her even more unhappy.  So i started shaking her arm, saying “GOOD MORNING MRS. WHITE!” She would only JUST barely open her eyes, and then go back to sleeping/snoring.  After about 45 seconds of this awkwardness, I then said, loudly, “I’M DR. AHN.  I’LL BE REPLACING DR. GREEN, AND I’D LIKE TO INTRODUCE MYSELF.” No response.  Finally, I just carried out my physical exam, and then walked on to see the next patient, in room 365.  When I got to the 3rd floor, I realized Mrs. White was actually in room 373, not room 573. I had totally just woken up, bothered, and done a physical exam on some random lady who was probably totally annoyed by this guy calling her the wrong name.

2) Next, for one of my other patients, I walked into his room and introduced myself.  The outgoing intern had told me all the basic details and stories for each of my 5 patients, and I wasn’t quite sure which one this guy was, but I figured I’d be able to pick up on things quickly by asking him, “How’s it going this morning?  How was your night?” Then, the guy starts complaining about how he never gets any sleep (which is very common… don’t go to the hospital to get sleep, btw) and how he’s super thirsty because they made him NPO (no food/drink).  This caught me off guard, and I looked at my sheets again, and realized he wasn’t one of my patients either.  Instead of telling him that I had him confused for someone else, I finished hearing him out and quickly excused myself.  … THANKFULLY, it ended up working out because he became my patient later that day.  whew!

3) Lastly, after about 2 hours of being in the hospital, I was walking around with my team (consisting of a resident, and 2 other interns).  We hear a short *beep*, and then one of the interns turns to the other intern and says, “is that your pager?” The other intern responds, “no, i think it’s his <and points to me>.” Shocked, I checked my pager and realized i had already been paged 3 times.  (The pager beeps like every 5 minutes when you haven’t checked the page).  I felt pretty n00b-status at that point because I hadn’t even recognized my own pager (it’s because it was handed off to me, and I didn’t recognize the pager ringtone).

enough stories for now… hopefully there won’t be too many more.


JaDu Skadoosh iPad Stand Review

i was one of the first to receive the Skadoosh iPad Stand, and i would summarize my experience with the stand in that it is exactly what you’d want in an iPad stand. It’s a bit costly at $60, but I can definitely say it is extremely well-designed and well-built.


As seen on the official site, the Skadoosh Stand is a sleek block of silver and black, consistent with the stylish design of the iPad.  It has a fold-out strip which gives the stand extra stability, without adding to the size of the unit.  It comes with a cloth bag for carrying around.  When in its most compact form, it is just barely larger than the size of a typical desktop mouse.  The one disappointment is that it arrived in the cloth bag, and not in any formal packaging  of any type (other than the shipment USPS flat rate box).  This might improve as it is still hot off the presses.

Cloth Bag Holding Stand

Size Relative to iPad

There are pass-through slots for the cable to be plugged in even when in portrait orientation, and there is also an opening for the home button.  The speaker grills are also open to the air.  The only name placement is humbly placed on the back of the stand, in a nearly invisible logo (white on silver).

Pass-Through Access for Cable

The bottom of the iPad fits into a cradle by simply placing it in.  There aren’t any rough surfaces to damage the iPad.

Close-up view of the snug fit into the stand

Lastly, here is a picture to show how tall it is relative to the thickness of the iPad.

Height Relative to iPad Thickness

Adjustable Angle Done Right

The back support (in the form of a crossbar with rubber bumpers) of the stand is adjustable, at (i counted) 7 heights, ranging from roughly 20 degrees to approx 85 degrees (nearly vertical).  The stand adjusts by a locking mechanism that clicks into position at various points as you tilt the back support crossbar forward.  Once clicked in at its various points, there is almost no backwards give (beyond the most recently “activated” click/lock), and the iPad is sturdily in place.  It comfortably fits the iPad in portrait or landscape orientation, and again, unless you are applying significant force, there is very little backwards give.  With any normal pressure involved in typing, touching the screen, and browsing, there will be no instability or wobbling.

Most Flat Orientation

Middle Angle (of 7 or so)

Most Vertical Angle

Since the back support bar only moves forward easily, when you need to push it back to stow it away or tilt the iPad back, you can press a button on the front of the stand to allow the back support bar to be pushed back beyond any locked position.   It did take a few minutes to get accustomed to the button, because after pressing the button, you have to pull the back support bar slightly forward before you can push it back.  However, this was only a miniscule issue that was quickly resolved as I became familiar with it.  Even with the iPad on the stand, the angle can be adjusted easily.

Silver Button to Release Angle Lock. (Also note that home button is accessible)


Someone asked me to comment on the typing experience.  When in the most flat angle (about 25 degrees), the typing experience is very well done.  Because of the slight angle, typing accuracy is improved over lying it flat or even at a small incline.  I would parallel it to using the Apple iPad case or Yoobao case when propped up.  The bottom is low enough to the table that you can comfortably rest your wrists on the desk.  Also, the stand is just narrow enough to not impede your hands when typing with two hands as you would on a keyboard.  However, when at the higher, more vertical angles, two-handed typing becomes awkward, but only because of the angle (and not because of any flaw in the design of the stand).  At these heights, I would type with one or two fingers instead, and as mentioned earlier, there is barely any backwards give when applying your finger to the screen.

A landscape view

Does it Work With My iPad Case/Shell/Film?

I always am concerned about compatibility of iPad accessories with the vast array of cases and films that people use to protect their iPads.  I can say that the Skadoosh iPad Stand will easily fit MOST cases that don’t significantly increase the width of the iPad.  This means that it definitely will fit ANY film, or thin shell that you place on the iPad.  According to their website, it will accommodate any case that adds less than 3mm (1/8 inch) to the thickness of the iPad.  For even more fine tune support, they have the back support crossbar on an off-axis, so that by rotating the bar around its axis, you can just slightly modify the point at which the crossbar makes contact with the iPad.

Adjustable Bar is Off-Axis to Allow Further Adjustment

It did not fit my Yoobao folio case, but the Yoobao case is fairly thick.  The website shows it holding an iPad with the official Apple iPad case, and I have no reason to doubt that claim.


The JaDu Skadoosh iPad Stand is well-designed, and has just about every feature that you’d expect or look for in an iPad Stand.  However, at $60, it costs quite a lot of money.  The biggest issue I’ve had is not with the stand itself, but rather with finding enough uses for ANY stand to justify that price.  However, if you are looking for the best iPad stand on the market at any cost, I can confidently say that your search is over.
  • Very stable
  • Fairly compact/portable
  • Adjustable angle done right
  • Supports films and thin cases
  • Allows cable to pass-through
  • Does not cover speakers or home button
  • Support both portrait and landscape
  • Expensive cost for an iPad Stand ($60)
  • No retail packaging as of yet

A Whoa Moment

quick, spontaneous post here.  but i was browsing the web and came across some excellent videos that display 10 minute lectures from brilliant minds, and animate them in such a way that they capture your interest and better understand what is being said.  I’ve linked to one that I found quite interesting. (even if you don’t find this interesting, continue reading because i wasn’t just trying to share an interesting video)

but anyways, i was thinking that this is incredibly clever and would serve a great purpose in the Christian world, as well.  How awesome would it be to see something like this done for a Christian speaker?  After marveling at the thought for a few minutes, i quickly moved on because I have no art skills whatsoever, and i was overwhelmed by the amount of skill and planning it would require.  (I was also not completely sure i understood how they did everything).  Anyways, no more than 10 minutes later, I came across this ad for John Piper’s upcoming Desiring God conference.  It uses a very similar style and adds different elements to it (which in my opinion, improve AND detract from the effectiveness of the style).  awesome!  my idea had come alive in like 5 minutes.  but yeah, just thought i’d share it with you.

oh, and here’s another link to an interesting talk similar to the first post.  it’s on how money is surprisingly not very effective at motivating people, and that people are in fact motivated by different things.  very thought-provoking.