So I Almost Beat Up a Korean Guy

so yes, i have a wordpress… i have many things that i’d eventually like to blog about (my review of my nutrisystem diet, my pre-ordered iPad, some holier thoughts), but for now i figure it’d be a great place to blog about my trip across asia. so yeah, it’s super ugly right now and stuff, but i’ll get around to beautifying it when i get home.

crazy story number 1 actually happened to me morning i arrived! i almost beat up some korean guy!

well, something like that… so i arrived in korea super early, and got to my hotel at around 7AM on Sunday morning. My mom and I were kinda hungry, so we walked around looking for a place that was open. The only place that was open was this random hole in the wall place (that was SUPER ghetto – like some old lady’s kitchen and 3 small tables. no joke. she even had her bed there). There was this guy there that was kinda looking at us funny, and he finally turns around and says to my mom, “are you from Japan? you have an interesting accent.” and so my mom says, “no, i’m Korean!” and he says, “but you speak differently, are you sure you’re not from Japan?” and my mom says, “no, i’m Korean” and he says, “well, you speak in a very beautiful way.”

so we’re both kinda creeped out and not really talking to him too much and stuff like that, but he keeps on looking over at us and my mom. And since i’m like trying to look out for my mom and stuff, i’m kinda keeping an eye on him, hoping he’ll get a hint and leave us alone. At this point, we notice that he’s drunk (at 7AM!) because he offers to pay again, after he had already paid! So anyways, he leaves the place and then comes back again like 5 minutes later. He then starts asking my mom AGAIN if she’s from Japan, and my mom is more annoyed and says “i’ve already told you, I’m Korean.” (This whole time i try not to say anything to make it obvious that i’m not very good at korean). Then, he’s like, “is that guy from Japan? he keeps on looking at me funny” as he points at me. She keeps on saying that we’re not, but he walks over and grabs my shirt and lifts me up!!! At this point, i’m seriously annoyed and not sure what i should do. I really (really!) think i coulda taken the guy myself, but i didn’t know if i should defend myself and push him off and throw down and show him what’s up (you know, open up a can), or if i should hold back and let him keep his life. My mom grabs me and the lady that owns the place and another male patron are kinda holding him back telling him to sober up and leave us alone. I’m just standing there assessing the situation, thinking whether i should activate RAGE-mode or just let it pass. Finally, the other people forced him out, and me and my mom just finished eating. My hands were shaking for about 5 minutes afterward. (Not out of fear, but just out of sheer adrenaline).

It was quite an intense welcome to Korea. And really, i really was about to beat him up. No joke. You mess with my mom, i mess with your LIFE.


4 Responses to So I Almost Beat Up a Korean Guy

  1. Steven Hong says:

    wow, never seen that side of you. I’m glad you spared his life though. I’m looking forward to more of your adventures in Asia.

  2. Wuryah says:

    I’m starting a wordpress too finally! 🙂 Haha wow David, what a welcoming to your homeland!

  3. Veronica says:

    this is pretty hilarious, and i like the last line best!

  4. beverly says:

    i like how in your tags, you included “kung-fu”

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